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Five Ways To Safely Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise in pregnancy has so many health and wellbeing benefits – from preventing excessive weight gain, reducing backache and bloating, boosting mood and energy levels and even helping you sleep better.

Above all, it increases your chances of a swifter natural birth, and let’s be honest, that’s what we’re all after, isn’t it?

Movement is good for physical and mental health

If you were active before you became pregnant then continuing your normal routine will be perfectly safe.

What you should be aiming for during pregnancy is maintaining fitness - it is definitely not the time to start training for a marathon or entering a Cross Fit competition!

If you are a regular runner or a HIIT honey there are ways to adapt your workouts to suit your gestation. Running 10K in early pregnancy might be more realistic than at say 40 weeks pregnant.

Hitting the mat for a 30 minute abs sesh may not be entirely suitable in later pregnancy, but there are plenty of abdominal exercises that you can still do throughout, to maintain that muscle strength and support your back and pelvis.

If you were active before you became pregnant then continuing your normal routine will be perfectly safe.

Worried about exercising during pregnancy? Here are our five midwife-approved ways to safely exercise when pregnant:


A brisk walk is a great low impact form of exercise. It is suitable for any level of fitness and at any gestation.

Our free PEP walks happen every Wednesday 10.30am from Linda Vista Gardens. That is every Wednesday when pandemics aren’t locking us down. No need to book - just turn up!


There truly is no sensation as blissful as sinking into water and becoming completely weightless, especially towards the end of your pregnancy.

Swimming gives you that full body workout without putting pressure on any joints.

A local aqua-natal class will also give you the opportunity to meet other soon to be mums on the block. Our PEP aqua-natal class will be up and running just as soon as we’re allowed in that pool.

Swimming gives you a full body workout without putting pressure on joints.


Either sign up to a pre-natal yoga or Pilates class or tell your instructor that you are pregnant and they can adapt the exercises to make sure that the workout is safe for you.

This is a lovely way to stretch and strengthen all the muscles of your body without the high impact on the joints.


Low impact aerobic classes like our PEP antenatal classes will give you that endorphin buzz, which, let’s face it we could all benefit from right now.

They offer a gentle workout, designed specifically for pregnancy, so no tuck jumps or burpees (we promise!).

These classes are currently available online every Thursday night at 6pm. You can book directly here.

Low impact aerobic classes give a much-needed endorphin buzz.


It is still safe to lift a weight or two during pregnancy, just avoid any overhead lifting. And remember, it’s maintenance we’re going for at this stage of your life.

Now’s not the time to be trying to build up strength or muscle mass.

What's your favourite exercise when pregnant? We'd love to hear about any great classes or fitness apps you've discovered.

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