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Five reasons you should go on a pregnancy retreat

Considering a pregnancy retreat? Here are five reasons why you want to

make that booking TODAY.

Connect with your baby

A pregnancy retreat is an opportunity to focus on you and your baby. It’s a

chance to enjoy practical and emotional support, learn more about what to

expect during your pregnancy and childbirth, as well as seek advice from professionals.

Boost happy hormones

Pregnancy yoga, like most exercise, has been known to help boost the happy

hormones in the body as well as keep mums-to-be active during their

pregnancy (which helps promote an active birth).

Meet other mums-to-be

Connecting with other women who are expecting is a great way to share your

experience of pregnancy; it’s a chance to make friends with mums-to-be in

your local area as well as being part of a support network when the baby


Learn to calm a busy brain

Techniques like meditation can be very helpful in calming a busy brain and

teaching us how to overcome the fear of childbirth. At the [NAME HERE],

Sarah will be leading a guided meditation to help prepare our mums-to-be for

the birth.

Speak to the pros

Talking to a qualified midwife (outside of your usual antenatal appointments)

is like gold dust for pregnant women. Having that time to ask questions, talk

honestly about any fears and anxieties in an intimate setting is invaluable.

Retreat Yourself : Pregnancy Day Retreat

Sun 12 Sep 2021 10:00 PM - 4:00 PM The Loft @ Little Green Refills, NP7 5SD

We are so excited to be in collaboration with @exhalewithsarah to bring you this wonderful day.

"Retreat Yourself" to a glorious day with us, The PEP Midwives and Sarah Jones.

A full on day of pregnancy loveliness, yoga with Sarah, walking and instinctive birthing chat with us midwives and delicious, nutritious food from @littlegreenrefills.

Book your place using the link below:

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